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Otterbox Warranty

If You Are Looking Otterbox Warranty? If yes, then you have come to the right place. And this complete article is for you which can help you. Here is all the information about the Otterbox Warranty. Here are the answers to the questions running through your mind

Otterbox Limited Warranty

Otter Products, Llc D/b/a Otterbox And Its Affiliated Companies Worldwide (Collectively, “otter”) Warrants Its Products (Collectively, The “products”) Against Defects In Manufacturing, Material, Or Workmanship Under Normal Use And Service For Their Applicable Warranty Periods, Subject To Conditions Contained In This Limited Warranty.

Otter Does Not Warrant And Is Not Responsible For, Any Smartphone Or Other Device Made By Anyone Other Than Otter. This Limited Warranty Will Apply Only To Products Purchased From An Otter-authorized Dealer That Is Subject To And Follows Otter’s Quality Controls Unless Otherwise Prohibited By Law.

Otterbox Warranty Period

The following warranty periods apply to the Products (each, a “Warranty Period”):

Product TypeWarranty Period
OtterBox Private Collection and Limited Edition / Specialty ProductsA one (1) calendar year (2) calendar years in the case of products purchased within the EMEA region) beginning from the date of purchase by the customer through an Otter-authorized dealer
OtterBox Outdoor Collection ProductsThe Lifetime of the Product of which (5) years from the date of purchase by a purchaser who purchased it from an Otter authorized dealer
OtterBox Smartphone Cases and Tablet CasesThe lifetime of the product that is,(7) years from the date of initial purchase from an Otter-authorized dealer
OtterBox Mobile AccessoriesThe Product’s life span, of which two (2) years beginning from the initial date of buying the item by a buyer through an authorized Otter dealer

Otterbox Sole And Exclusive Remedy

If a material or artistry defect is discovered in any Product and a rightful claim is made by Otter not later than sixty (60) calendar days following the expiration date of the Warranty Period applicable to it, Otter will, in its sole discretion:

(1) Repair the Product by using the new or refurbished components;

(2) Replace the Product with a brand-new or refurbished product. In the context of the Limited Warranty, “refurbished” refers to a part or product that has been returned to its original specs or

(3) Replace the Product with a product that is identical or similar in design to the product returned by the customer to Otter within this Warranty or a replacement comparable to the purchased product but which might not be the same kind (depending on the availability).

Otter will try its best to replace OtterBox Private Collection and Limited Edition/Special Products or discontinued products; however, it cannot ensure their availability for replacement.

The OtterBox Private Collection and Limited Edition/Specialty Products, or discontinued products that are still covered by its Warranty that cannot be replaced with a comparable item, will return by an equivalent model, based on the availability.

Replacement of the same color is not warranted. As stated above, the repaired or replacement product is guaranteed for the remaining warranty period. If there is an issue,

These are the customer’s sole and sole remedies. This Limited Warranty is limited to the initial customer of the end-user and cannot be extended to any other individual or transferee.

Otterbox Exclusions And Limitations

Other than the remedies specifically mentioned above, or to the extent not permitted or restricted by law, the risk regarding the performance and quality of the Products is the responsibility of the purchaser, and the buyer is responsible for the total cost of repairs should the Products fail to perform as expected following the purchase.

Additionally, and without limiting the generality of the above disclaimers and limitations of liability, this Limited Warranty cannot at any time provide coverage for defects caused by regular wear and tear or caused by the normal aging process of the product;

cosmetic damage, which includes scratches, dents, and broken plastic, unless the failure is because of defects in the manufacturing process or the materials used or misuse or inconvenient use or maintenance; or failure to adhere to operating guidelines;

Accident; excessive moisture insect damage; injury caused by abuse, a casualty of the equipment, misuse, fire, earthquake, lightning, or other cause external to the grounds; power surges; connections to an improper voltage source;

Unauthorized alteration or modification of initial condition; damages due to insufficient packing or shipping practices or destruction or loss of data stored; injuries resulting from the use of non-OtterBox products

Products that require modifications or adaption to allow them to function in any other country other than the one for the purpose for which they were developed,

produced, authorized, and approved or repaired products damaged by these modifications and products purchased from dealers who are not allowed and not under Otter’s quality control.

Otterbox Warranty Claim & Registration

Our OtterBox and LifeProof product is replaced free of cost to you, excluding handling, shipping, and any taxes applicable. We stand behind our products. Find out more about our OtterBox warranty policy as well as the LifeProof warranty declaration.

We’re determined for this to be as simple as we can. You’ll only need to provide us with a couple of simple questions and we’ll send your replacement ready to go.

Follow This Step

  1. Head to
  2. Go to the “Support” tab.
  3. Click on warranty
  4. Follow the steps below to choose your case.
  5. Get this free smartphone case and only be charged $6.99 for shipping.

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Otterbox warranty replacement

Do Otter boxes have a lifetime warranty?

The OtterBox warranty is a limited lifetime guarantee for every OtterBox products. This extra step takes device protection to the highest level.

How long does the OtterBox warranty last?

Each Otterbox comes with a free warranty for one year from the date of purchase, provided the product is offered by an authorized Otterbox retailer that adheres to Otterbox quality standards. There isn’t a registration, proof of purchase or receipt needed. Warranty claims can be filed for up to 60 days following the warranty ends.

How do I claim my lifetime warranty on my OtterBox?

To submit a warranty claim, visit or call 1-855-688-7269. All warranty claims must be filed by the customer not after 60 (60) day calendar following the expiration date of the warranty period. Period.

Do you need a receipt for the OtterBox warranty?

Additionally to this, in the Clearly Protected line of products, we will insist on you supply us with the receipt from your purchase as proof of purchase, and pictures of any product’s damage, and may ask that you send the product to us.

Does OtterBox replace free?

OtterBox and LifeProof Warranty

You OtterBox as well as your LifeProof product will be replaced without cost, except for transportation, handling, and applicable taxes. We stand behind our products.

Otterbox Warranty FAQs