Hooters complaints phone number, email address & complaint form.

Hooters complaints

A simple explanation of how to make a quick complaint by Complaint number in Hooters. Use the information below to make a quick complaint to Hooters.

Hooters complaints phone number & email address.

Phone number: 1-866-225-4668
Email Address: info@hooters.com
Corporate Head office: 1815 The Exchange SE, Atlanta, GA 30339, USA
Official website: www.hooters.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hooters
Complaint Form

How to make a complaint to Hooters

Hooters complaints, To make a complaint in Hooters you can first make a complaint from the number 1-866-225-4668 given here. If you do not find a solution to your problem by phone, we suggest that you complain by email.

About Hooters

Hooters is the registered trademark used by two American restaurant chains: Hooters, Inc., based in Clearwater, Florida, and Hooters of America, Inc. based in Atlanta, Georgia and owned by two private investment firms, TriArtisan Capital Advisors and Nord Bay Capital.

Hooters complaints Information

We have given you more phone numbers, email addresses, and contact form here so that the customer can easily complain in Hooters. Which we have given from Hooters’s website.

Here you can first Complaint By Email: email but email complaints will not solve your problem anytime soon. This process may take some time.

Complaint By Phone:  1-866-225-4668 to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

If you still can’t make a complaint by phone or email, we suggest you go to Hooters’s main Official Website and fill out a contact form.

If you use social media, you can go to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages and ask questions by commenting.


Hooters Head Office address Phone number

You can also file a complaint through the head office address and phone number provided here.

1815 The Exchange SE, Atlanta, GA 30339, USA

Hooters Corporate Office Phone Number: 770-951-2040

Hooters Other complaints Information

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/
Youtube: https://youtube.com/
phone number: (800) 210-2491

Hooters Working hours

Mon8:00 am11:00 pm
Tue7:00 am11:00 pm
Wed7:00 am11:00 pm
Thu7:00 am11:00 pm
Fri7:00 am11:00 pm
Sat7:00 am11:00 pm
Sun7:00 am11:00 pm

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