Hobby Lobby Hours | What Time Does Hobby Lobby Open and Close?

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If you’re looking for Hobby Lobby Hours? Hobby Lobby is the place to go if you want to buy supplies for arts and crafts. When do they open and close? This article will tell you all of that and more.

Hobby Lobby is a well-known chain of craft stores with stores all over the United States. They have a lot of different craft supplies, like yarn, fabric, beads, and paints. They are also one of the stores that are open on most holidays.

What Time Does Hobby Lobby Open and Close?

Most Hobby Lobby stores are open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday. They are never open on Sundays because the owners think that Sundays are for worship and rest. But they are open on some holidays, like Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Christmas Eve, Labor Day, and many others.

DayOpening HoursClosing Hours
Monday9 AM8 PM
Tuesday9 AM8 PM
Wednesday9 AM8 PM
Thursday9 AM8 PM
Friday9 AM8 PM
Saturday9 AM8 PM

How to Find Your Local Hobby Lobby Hours?

It is very helpful to know where the closest Hobby Lobby store is. You just need to type in your zip code, city, state, and street number, and it will give you a list of all the stores in your area so you can see if they are open and what their hours are.

You can also get the official Hobby Lobby app for your phone. It will search for all Hobby Lobby stores near you and tell you what time they open and close. They can be used on devices with Android, Apple, iOS, and Windows.

Hobby Lobby Store Locator

Hobby Lobby Holiday Hours

Hobby Lobby’s holiday hours are helpful for people who want to give someone the tools they need to make their creative ideas come to life or who just want to do some arts and crafts for fun.

The founder and current CEO of Hobby Lobby is a strong Christian who thinks that employees should spend their holidays with their families, resting, and going to church.

Most of the holiday items are in line with Green’s Christian beliefs, and there is a wide range of items for Christians who celebrate the same holidays and share the same values and traditions as the company CEO. Because of this, Hobby Lobby is only open Monday through Saturday and is closed every Sunday.

Christmas Eveopen (9 AM to 5:30 PM)
Christmas Dayclosed
Tax Dayopen
St. Patrick’s Dayopen
Valentine’s Dayopen
President’s Dayopen
Columbus Dayopen
Halloween open
Cinco de Mayoopen
Black Fridayopen
Good Fridayopen
Mother’s Dayopen
Father’s Dayopen
Memorial Dayopen (9 AM to 5:30 PM)
Independence Day open (9 AM to 5:30 PM)
Veterans Dayopen
New Year’s Eveopen (9 AM to 5:30 PM)
New Year’s Dayopen (9 AM to 5:30 PM)
Easter Mondayopen
Easter Sundayclosed
Labor Dayopen
Saturday after Thanksgivingopen (8 AM to 9 PM)
Friday after Thanksgivingopen (8 AM to 9 PM)

Are all the items online available in my local Hobby Lobby store?

Typically, yes! From time to time, however, we may offer items exclusively online.

I saw an item in a Hobby Lobby store, but can’t find it online.

Some of your store’s items won’t be shown online because they are too fragile or hard to ship. Also, some holiday items in stores can only be bought once and can’t be bought online.

What are your store holiday hours?

Use our Store Finder to find out what your local store’s holiday hours are. Can’t make it to the store? Go to hobbylobby.com to shop online.

Why are your stores closed on Sundays?

We chose to close on the day that most people think of as a day of rest so that our workers and customers would have more time for worship and family. This was not an easy choice for Hobby Lobby to make, because we know that it could cost us money. Still, we know there are things more important than making money. The owner and officers of our company feel strongly about this.

Why don’t you use barcode scanners in your stores?

We’ve thought about scanning at our cash registers, but we don’t think it’s right for us right now.

Hobby Lobby Near locations

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